Das Jahr 1989 aus internationaler Perspektive, die Gäste nehmen Bezug auf den einleitenden Vortrag von Professor Ash, der auf das Weltereignis des Mauerfalls in seiner Bedeutung als friedliche Revolution hinwies. Produziert als Teil des programme 1989 - Globale Geschichten im HKW.

The year 1989 from an international perspective, after the keynote lecture of historian Timothy Garton Ash with his thesis that 20th century ended with the fall of the wall in Berlin, as a truly peaceful revolution, the guests from China, Afghanistan and Africa relativate the centrality of this event from their very different histories. Discussants are Wang Dan, Manthia Diawara, and Faheem Dashty.

This is an unedited recording of the first day of the 1989 - Global Histories discussion series in the Glass Studio, moderated by Evi Chantzi. The discussion is in English with some German translation. Please comment.

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