Ezra / the movieFilm critic Jahman Anikulapo and  filmmaker, Newton Aduaka, discuss Aduaka’s award winning film, “Ezra,” piracy, copyright and “Nollywood.” The two joined Diana McCarty in the Hausradio studio for a in depth discussion on how and why films are produced across the African continent.

From the reasons for telling the story of a child soldier and negotiating the shark filled waters of funded film production, to the development of a future African film culture, to piracy as an effective means of distribution to the Nollywood Scenes.

The two were participating in the African Screens, new cinema from Africa program at the House of World Cultures,(9.Oct-10. Nov .9). “Ezra” is being screened on 12.10.08 at 16:00 and the Nollywood special begins on 30.10.08. For further information see: http://www.hkw.de/

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